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The Hell’s Angels - Life Magazine

Its hard to believe that the Hell’s Angels were once a feared band of outlaw of motor cycle riders who’s very name striked fear into the hearts of clean living post war americans. When Hunter Thompson wrote his seminal novel charting his time spent with the Angels and their leader Sonny Barger the times indeed were a changing. However in 2012 my over riding vision when I think of the Angels is not a hard drinking, fighting gang of bikers but rather middle aged over weight white middle class americans who wear band fitting jeans and terrible leathers. Fans of South Park will know what I mean when I say.. ‘BrummBrummBrummm…’

However the images here from life magazine show the bikers before they became a parody of them selves and were still a genuine counter culture.



Some great images form Roger Minick - Sightseer. I have been working on something similar for a long time, but these are great. 

ASX - ROSWELL ANGIER: “Sticky Floors and White Men Roars”


Stripper-stretch marks and desert-devil-dust… Mexican-Men and Tequila-Worm-Lust… jiggling breasts and white men roars, sticky palms and sticky floors… booze-boars and bottle-breath, broken-teeth smiles and flailing-fist-death… curse and crawl, stumble and fall… warm wind blows through desert-window holes, pitiful views, men and rage, coming in two’s, alcohol-slaves. Dangerous dusty towns, jukebox-caves, neon sex-comin’ in flesh-filled waves… livin’-lost f-k’s, can’t be saved, drink some more, find-a-whore… hear ‘em roar.

Dark shadows, big-truck-monster-men, testosterone-smackdown-fears. This is photography.

For Roswell Angier and your gift. Thank you.


Doug Rickard


This article was taken from the Vice magazine website. A great interview and some fascinating work. The above image is superb in my humble opinion, very reminiscent of Francis Bacon in particular. The below article is well worth following the link to read more. 

By Alex Sturrock, Antoine D’Agata

Antoine D’Agata is a contentious character in the worlds of photography and art. Signed up by the Magnum photo agency in the period when they started to realise there was little money in photojournalism, his work’s brutal and self-destructive content has a habit of upsetting people.

Born in Marseilles in 1961, D’Agata left France in the early 80s. He later studied at the International Center of Photography in New York alongside Nan Goldin and Larry Clark, with whom he shares a fascination for the seamier side of things. D’Agata has lived a murky and nomadic life. He regularly immerses himself in his subjects, which typically tend to be prostitutes and other marginalised misfits, often throwing himself into dangerous, drug-addled and sex-fuelled situations. We spoke with him about photography as art, honesty, morality and what it’s like to be addicted to the drug ice while living with Cambodian prostitutes.


Gillian Wearing at Whitechaple Gallery, March 28th

From The Whitechaple Gallery 

"The films and photographs of British artist Gillian Wearing (b. Birmingham, 1963) explore our public personas and private lives. This Turner Prize winner’s remarkable works draw on fly-on-the-wall documentaries, reality TV and the techniques of theatre, to explore how we present ourselves to the world.

Wearing’s portraits and mini-dramas reveal a paradox, given the chance to dress up, put on a mask or act out a role, the liberation of anonymity allows us to be more truly ourselves.

The exhibition begins with the artist herself, dancing in a shopping mall, blissfully unaware of her bemused audience. The idea of performance continues with works including Wearing’s 1997 masterpiece, 10–16. Adults lip synch the voices and act out the physical tics of seven children in a captivating  film which moves from the breathless excitement of a ten year old to the existential angst of an adolescent.”


Terry Richardson - The Naughty Knave of Fashion’s Court


For the past two years the once-loquacious Mr. Richardson, 46, has stopped giving interviews, telling friends that his work should speak for itself. But his reserve subsided over breakfast as he described an evening photo shoot in the late 1990s for the British fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, during which he rounded up some friends who were models and photographed them in various states of coupling as they wandered between his apartment and clubs of the East Village.

“When I got the contact sheets back there was this one image, two frames,” Mr. Richardson said. “There was a shot of a girl, with her legs open, she had white panties.” Then he noticed that her pubic hair was visible. “When I was shooting her, I didn’t see that,” Mr. Richardson said, adding, “It’s like a happy accident.”


Canon 5d III Released

The affordable high res Digital SLR which changed the game with the introduction of HD video, amongst other features, has, at long last, got its update. The New Canon 5d has been shown off at a canon lanuch event in Shanghai. The features look interesting, the 61AF focus for example, but, I must say, rather disapoiningly the mega pixel remains pretty much the same. My concern here is with the development in printing standards for outdoor going from 8 to 16 bit in many places, the mega pixel of the 5d III leaves it slightly shy of the needed quality.

Canon 600ex Flash 

Perhaps a more interesting development may be the new top range canon flash. The canon 600ex is the first flash to feature radio technologies. It will be interesting to get testing these and see how they compare to pocket wizards and pixel kings.  

Much more here at the excellent canon rumors